Kawader Employment Platform

The launch of the Kawader platform came within the framework of the Ajman Government Human Resources Department's keenness to translate the directives of the Ajman government aimed at providing innovative government services through a smart platform for job seekers, in line with Ajman 2021 vision in developing human capital. The platform contributes to providing government agencies and the private sector with the best competencies in various fields, attracting ambitious cadres and expertise, and enhancing their participation by creating opportunities that are consistent with their academic qualifications and professional experiences and allow them to build their professional future. The platform is a link between job seekers and government and private agencies directly, as it allows researchers to create and upload their CVs and present their scientific and practical experiences, which contributes to facilitating the work of human resources departments and departments in government and private departments and institutions, in terms of speed and ease. Multiple options to attract competencies and ambitious cadres at a level that enhances their operational capabilities, in addition to the data and statistical information provided by this platform that support planning and decision-making processes. The Department of Human Resources believes in the importance of attracting human competencies capable of contributing effectively to advancing the path of leadership and excellence in government work in the Emirate of Ajman. Therefore, we invite you to join the Ajman government team by registering on the Kawader platform, creating and uploading your CV to move towards a successful career future..

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