Business Continuity policy

Ajman Transport Authority is keen a fully committed to provide high quality services that meet the needs of various categories of customers and society realizing the importance of providing and maintaining these services. Therefore, we, Transport Authority, have implemented the requirements of the Business Continuity standard and the consequent legal,regulatory,legislation and other requirements in this field. This is to ensure the continuity of critical business of the authority, as we are keen on periodic review, improvement and continuous development of the business continuity system, providing all necessary resources, identifying all risks, evaluating them and overcoming such risks in accordance with procedures and decisions that ensure mitigating the risks with a view to achieve the strategic objectives of the authority in line with the government direction of the Emirate.

Among the business continuity objectives of Ajman Transport Authority:


  • Full commitment and readiness to meet the business continuity requirements;and
  • Ensure disaster and crisis recovery, restoration of the critical business and its continuity according to the target time.

Ajman Transport Authority and its staff believe that achieving this policy comes through implementing the Business Continuity System specification 22301:2019 and NCEMA700 and continuous development that complies with the requirements of the standard to ensure its effectiveness, and review the system periodically.

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