Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Terms highlighted below are considered an integral part of any access or use of Ajman Transport Authority portal.

While you access or use the Portal, Ajman Transport Authority 's Portal doesn’t collect your personal data, unless otherwise you agree and disclose your personal data voluntarily. If you agree to disclose your personal information, we usually do not use such details except for responding to your request for Ajman Transport Authority information or services. By accessing or using this website, you agree to this Confidentiality Policy.


Ajman Transport Authority reserves the right to carry out any minor or major amendment to the confidentiality Policy terms from time to time without the need for notification. If you wish to continue using our Portal after any amendment to current Confidentiality Policy, this means you agree to such changes.

This Portal and its staff follow up and implement a firm and comprehensive information security policy. Personal identity information is accessed by authorized employees only, who undertake to maintain the confidentiality of such information.


Ajman Transport Authority has the right to carry out any necessary arrangements believed to be suitable to protect against any loss, misuse or change of information posted to its Portal without liability on Ajman Transport Authority, in such case, to maintain the confidentiality of Portal contents, and shall not be considered legally responsible for any damage suffered by you, or any other person due to any breach of confidentiality regarding the information you post to the Portal, or to compensate for any such breach.

Notwithstanding proper actions carried out to protect against information loss, abuse or change, Ajman Transport Authority doesn’t guarantee the confidentiality of your use to this Portal and doesn’t bear responsibility for any damage suffered by you or any other person due to any confidentiality infringement regarding any information posted to the Portal by you.


UAE Laws are the laws applicable exclusively regarding any disputes due to the use of this Portal, and UAE courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and rule any such dispute.


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